​Dates with Arabic coffee have long been part of Omani traditional hospitality and continues to  be so up to the present day. ‘Tamrah’ (the Arabic word for date) is Nakheel’s luxurious brand committed to provide customers with products made from gourmet dates, selected from various parts of the Sultanate and packed in our luxurious gift boxes featuring our finest handpicked dates. In addition, Tamrah offers dried figs and a wide selection of delicious, handmade Belgian chocolates available in various fillings, shapes and flavours made with natural ingredients whether it is for your special occasion or gatherings, Tamrah is always here to complete your table.

Inspired by the historic city of Nizwa, the city which is nested between the foothills of the Hajar mountain once was the capital city of Oman and renowned  for its date palm tree gardens that produces the finest of dates. Nizwa was chosen to host our first Dates industrial complex to honor its legacy and to continue be the center for date growing and distribution. We introduced our brand “Nizwa”,  Oman’s finest table dates to the market in 2020 to be our retail flagship and carry with its long history of hospitality and  traditions in dates preparations, and presentation.  Nizwa dates are to be found in different packages such as; boxes, vacuum, pouches and many more.

“Zaad” is an Arabic term, used since ancient times, meaning the food of the traveler (a person who carries all food and supplies during travel period). Dates are one of the main staples’ food of human being and is an important part of long journeys. From the linguistic meaning of Zaad and its connection with large food supplies, we introduce our brand Zaad to serve the wholesale market, the export market and the HORECA segment by providing carefully chosen dates in large packages (5kg / 10kg).